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MexiCondo® Plus

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Homeowners Policy for Foreigners with Condos in Mexico

The MexiCondo® Plus program is the best option for American Residents to insure their Condos in Mexico with Personal Property valued under US$500K. This program is underwritten by AIG Seguros México and ACE Seguros México and it offers the same great coverages and features of our MexiHome® Plus program, except that "Dwelling" and "Other" structures are NOT COVERED under this program.

MexiCondo® Plus also includes useful Home Services and the option to insure your property and valuables against Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and Tsunamis under the same policy!

Some important highlights:

  • POLICY CONDITIONS reads just like a US HO-Condo policy
    • Special (All Risk) coverage
    • Replacement Cost
    • TRUE Theft coverage for ALL your personal property
    • NO “funny exclusions”
    • Deductibles that are NOT based on “minimum wages”
  • LIABILITY COVERAGE: Exposures handled just like they would be under a US policy: Your Insurance Company “will defend you and pay on your behalf” for ANY claim against you in Mexico, even if groundless!
  • CATASTROPHIC COVERAGE: If elected, it will automatically insure ALL your property exposures for Catastrophic Losses, for the same limits and values insured under the Property and Valuables Objects Sections!
  • AUTOMATIC BINDING through our online rater. No need to submit for approval!


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