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Home Insurance for Foreigners renting Homes in Mexico

The MexiRenters® program is the best option for American Residents to insure the contents and valuables of their Rented Homes in Mexico. This program is underwritten by AIG Seguros México and ACE Seguros México and it offers the same great coverages and features of our MexiHome® Plus program, except that "Renters Fire Legal Liability" is now INCLUDED and "Dwelling" and "Other" structures as well as "Loss of Rents" are NOT COVERED under this program.

MexiRenters® also includes useful Home Services and the option to insure your property and valuables against Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods and Tsunamis under the same policy!

Some important highlights:

  • POLICY CONDITIONS reads just like US-HO policies
    • Special (All Risk) coverage
    • Replacement Cost
    • TRUE Theft coverage for ALL your personal property
    • NO “funny exclusions”
    • Deductibles that are NOT based on “minimum wages”
  • LIABILITY COVERAGE: Exposures handled just like they would be under a US policy: Your Insurance Company “will defend you and pay on your behalf” for ANY claim against you in Mexico, even if groundless!
  • CATASTROPHIC COVERAGE: If elected, it will automatically insure ALL your property exposures for Catastrophic Losses, for the same limits and values insured under the Property and Valuables Objects Sections!
  • AUTOMATIC BINDING through our online rater. No need to submit for approval!


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