MexiAuto (U.S. Plates in Mexico)

STAMP® (Superior Tourist)

Underwritten by

Improved Tourist Auto Policy for US Registered Autos in Mexico

The STAMP® program is a Superior Tourist auto policy underwritten by Ace Seguros in Mexico. It is the result of our search to improve the Coverages and Services for those insureds who drive into Mexico and do not want to sacrifice coverage standards when compared to the coverages that they already enjoy in the USA.

In terms of coverage, this program offers Liability, Legal Defense, Medical Payments and Physical Damage. "Uninsured Motorists" and our "Travel Package" are NOT included in the STAMP® program.

Some great advantages of the STAMP® program are:

  • Policy Conditions in English and Spanish (reads like an American Policy)
  • Minimum underwriting
  • No need to list Drivers in the Application or Policy
  • Comprehensive All Risk coverage for Physical Damage (no named perils)
  • US Claims Adjusters and option to repair covered vehicles in the USA
  • SIMPLIFIED RATING, which makes it easier for Producers to quickly give quotes to their Clients
  • Annual Policy Option, which helps clients who travel frequently to Mexico not longer be inconvenienced by having to purchase insurance every time they cross the border
  • Backed by the International Experience and Financial Strength of Ace Seguros in Mexico.