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The Agents Alliance Endorses MexiPass

Aug 8, 2004

The Alliance endorses MexiPass for Mexican Insurance. The Alliance has researched the very active marketplace of Mexican Insurance providers and concluded that MexiPass offers our members the Best Products and Services for the following reasons:

  • The Best Coverage and Reduced Errors & Omissions potential:

The MexiPass Policy has American standards of coverage and will not expose our members to potential errors & omissions for selling tourist auto policies with serious limitations, like exclusions for Passenger liability and vandalism or the absence of coverage for Uninsured motorist or partial theft.

  • Strong, Stable Market with International Expertise:

MexiPass has represented Chartis-Mexico for over 15 years, making them the most solid, stable and experienced team to service our membership.

  • TOP Compensation to our Members:

MexiPass pays 30% commission for Personal Auto, 20% for Business Auto, 25% for MexiHome, and 15% for Mexican Package policies.

  • Protecting your Book of Business:

MexiPass is a true MGA acting strictly as a wholesaler, so they only offer their products through independent agents. MexiPass, unlike other providers, will never compete with you by selling products directly to the public.

  • Support the Alliance

Every time that you sell a MexiPass policy, The Alliance and our membership benefits from the increased Sponsorship from MexiPass to our Scholarship and Advocacy funds.

Their support will not affect your commissions and truly helps the Alliance.

Make sure that the Alliance gets credit for all your production by registering as an Alliance member with MexiPass.

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