Insurance for Recreational Boats and Jet Skis in Mexican Waters


Best Coverage for Pleasure Boats and Jet Skis in Mexico

Insurance for Personal Watercraft and Yachts in Mexico

Introducing MexiBoat®, the best Mexican boat insurance available on the market. Underwritten by AIG Seguros Mexico , MexiBoat® is available for most pleasure personal watercraft - from jet skis and Sea-Doos to cabin cruisers, sailboats, and yachts.

If you are taking your yacht or boat into Mexico, you'll need Mexican watercraft insurance. Watercraft insurance is required when traveling in Mexican waters, and in most cases you won't be able to dock at ports or marinas without it. Navigating the Mexican insurance landscape can be difficult for a foreigner. That's why we at MexiPass have created easy to understand Mexican boat insurance policies that adhere to American and global standards.

MexiBoat® Mexican Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Our MexiBoat® Mexican boat insurance policy has all the same coverage parts as you have come to expect in American policies, so it is easy to read and understand! Our coverage includes:

  • Broad Liability
  • Hull Damage
  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured Boater

All of this looks and feels like an American insurance policy, so you can sail with confidence knowing you are protected!

Benefits of MexiBoat®

At MexiPass, we aren’t satisfied with just offering excellent Mexican boat insurance policies. All our policies are convenient and easy to use as well. As such, we offer our MexiBoat® policy through our online portal. With our simplified rating system, you can easily quote and instantly bind your policies online - no need to wait for approval!

We offer both short and long-term policy lengths. Buy an annual policy if you travel frequently so you can avoid the hassle of buying a policy every time you enter Mexican waters. For short trips, buy coverage for only the time you’re staying. Our flexibility ensures we are a good fit for whatever your boating needs are!


Our MexiBoat® Mexican boat insurance offers superior coverage for you and your watercraft while sailing in Mexico. All with the expertise and experience of the MexiPass team!

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