Insurance for Personal Autos, Motorcycles and ATVs Registered in Mexico

The number of expatriates staying in Mexico is growing year after year. More and more foreigners are entering, working, and living in Mexico. As such, the number of foreigners who own Mexican-registered autos is also increasing. Unfortunately, the Mexican insurance market hasn’t yet fully adapted to the needs of these individuals in Mexico.

Traditional Mexican car insurance policies are structured differently from American and global policies and often contain funny exclusions that limit coverage when it is least expected. Furthermore, policy terms may not be available in English, so it can be difficult to understand what coverage is being purchased.

MexiPass knows that foreign residents in Mexico need suitable coverage for their Mexican-registered autos. Thus, we have created Mexican car insurance policies specifically designed for these individual’s needs. We are Mexican Insurance… the American Way!®

Mexican Auto Insurance Made for You

At MexiPass we offer Mexican car insurance policies that look and read like American policies. Our Mexican auto insurance policies contain the same coverage parts as you would expect in American policies and our limits are in US Dollars. This includes liability, physical damage, uninsured motorists, and other typical coverage parts. Additionally, policy terms are available in English so our policies are unambiguous and accessible.

We strive to ensure our products are convenient and simple to use as well. We offer simplified rating through our online portal so it is easy to instantly rate and bind policies online. Buying and selling Mexican car insurance has never been easier!

Benefits of MexiPass Insurance

As with all of our policies, we go above and beyond the normal call of duty. Our Mexican car insurance policies also come with our exclusive Travel Package that includes helpful benefits like emergency roadside assistance.

There’s no need to settle for inferior coverage while you are abroad - let MexiPass give you peace of mind so you can drive confidently in Mexico!

Check out our MexiPAR® program for specific coverage and benefits details we offer for foreigners with Mexican-registered autos.

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