Life, Accident and Medical Insurance for Groups in Mexico

Foreign companies in Mexico may want to offer their employees in Mexico the same group benefits as their counterparts enjoy at home. Unfortunately, finding a policy that truly offers comparable benefits can be difficult in the Mexican insurance marketplace.

Traditional Mexican group benefits insurance policies are not upheld to American standards and may lack coverage compared to similar American and global policies. As such, if looking only at the traditional Mexican insurance marketplace, it can be very challenging for companies to offer the benefits they want for their employees.

MexiPass understands that foreign businesses want coverage in their Mexican group benefits insurance packages that mirror coverages that they can find back at home. Accordingly, we at MexiPass work to design superior Mexican group benefits policies designed with the needs of foreign businesses in mind.

With MexiPass, there is no need for foreign companies to sacrifice coverage for their employees whether they are abroad or at home!

Mexican Group Benefits Packages

Our Mexican group benefits insurance products provide comprehensive coverage for employees.

It is always attractive to offer medical benefits. Our Mexican group medical benefits products provide coverage for surgeries, vision, dental, and more!

Additionally, we also offer accident and life insurance for any workplace that is potentially hazardous

Nobody Knows Mexican Insurance Like MexiPass

At MexiPass we do not rest unless we are offering the best Mexican insurance products on the market. We have applied our unwavering commitment to creating our Mexican group benefits insurance lines. Rest easy knowing you have a team of experts with more than 25 years of experience in the Mexican insurance market on your side.

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