Insurance for Homes, Condos and Renters in Mexico

Foreigners in Mexico need options to protect their property and belongings. Unfortunately, those looking for Mexican home insurance may be disappointed with the available traditional Mexican home insurance policies.

Many traditional Mexican home insurance policies don’t provide coverage that suits the needs of foreigners. The structure of traditional Mexican home insurance policies is different from typical American and global policies and often contain funny exclusions that limit coverage when it is most important. Worse yet, policy terms may not be offered in English and coverage limits are in Mexican Pesos instead of US Dollars. As such, foreigners are stuck with policies that are unfamiliar, difficult to understand, and don’t provide adequate coverage.

MexiPass understands the issues with the Mexican home insurance market and knows that foreigners need a suitable option to fit their unique needs. MexiPass is Mexican Insurance… the American Way!®

Mexican Home Insurance the American Way

MexiPass specializes in providing superior Mexican home insurance policies that are specifically tailored to fit the needs of foreigners with homes, condos or who rent in Mexico. MexiPass Mexican home insurance policies uphold the same standards as American policies and contain all the same coverage parts as the policy you carry at home.

Our policies provide terms in both English and Spanish and read just like US home insurance policies (US-HO4/5/6). Moreover, we make buying and selling insurance simple through our online portal. We offer simplified rating making it easy to instantly quote and bind policies online!

At MexiPass, we strive to ensure our policies provide the best coverage, helpful benefits, and convenient ease-of-use.

MexiPass Goes the Extra Mile

MexiPass policies also come with unique benefits, such as our Home Services package that comes included with every one of our Mexican home insurance policies. Don’t stress out when you need a plumber, locksmith, or other service technicians - our policy will pay for these services if the need arises.

So what are you waiting for? If you own a home or condo in Mexico check out our MexiHome® PLUS and MexiHome® CondoPLUS policies. Rent in Mexico? No problem, our MexiHome® RentersPLUS policy is the best Mexican renters insurance on the market.

If you own a home valued over $1 Million USD or condo valued over $500k USD, please see our MexiHome® JumboPLUS and MexiHome® CondoJUMBO policies

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