Monoline Commercial Insurance for Risks in Mexico

Most business owners and agents know the struggle of finding adequate insurance coverage for their exposures. However, for foreign businesses operating in Mexico, this challenge can especially arduous.

This is because many Mexican commercial insurance products do not adhere to the same structure or contain the same coverage parts as American and global policies. As such, placing orders for foreign businesses operating in Mexico often means settling for policies that provide inferior coverage or contain terms that businesses are uncomfortable with.

At MexiPass, we understand the needs of foreign businesses in Mexico and specialize in crafting Mexican commercial insurance products that can uphold American standards. We are Mexican Insurance... the American Way!®

Insurance Lines for Every Exposure

Our Mexican commercial insurance products are designed to align with American standards and the keep the needs of foreign businesses in mind. As such, we have developed an array of Mexican commercial insurance products that can provide the coverage any business needs to manage its risk.

For companies with properties, employees, and customers in Mexico, our Mexican commercial property insurance, and general liability insurance policies are a must.

Transporting goods in Mexico or managing a construction project? Check out our Mexican construction insurance, and Mexican cargo and transit insurance products.

Finally, our Equipment Floaters product ensures that it’s always business as usual for companies that rely on machinery or equipment for their daily operations.

Unrivaled Expertise in Mexican Insurance

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the Mexican insurance market and has already helped countless businesses and brokers meet their insurance needs. Join our growing list of satisfied customers and get the best Mexican commercial insurance coverage on the market!

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