Commercial Lines Coverages for Risks in Mexico and International Programs

With laws, standards, and practices varying across borders, meeting the insurance needs of international businesses can feel like an insurmountable task. This can be especially true for businesses operating in or entering business in Mexico.

Settling on the right Mexican commercial insurance products for foreign businesses in Mexico is exponentially harder partly because many traditional Mexican commercial insurance products don’t adhere to the same standards as American or global policies. Finding a policy that businesses are comfortable with can be difficult when products don’t have the same coverage parts as the policies companies are used to at home. As such, foreign businesses operating in Mexico often have to settle for inferior coverage due to a lack of options.

This is where MexiPass comes in. At MexiPass, we pride ourselves in offering the best Mexican commercial insurance products to foreign businesses operating in Mexico. Our Mexican commercial insurance policies are uniquely tailored to the needs of foreign businesses. We know that placing insurance for these companies can be needlessly frustrating. So, we’ve taken the pain out of the process by working to make insurance products that meet the specific needs of foreign businesses in Mexico. We offer Mexican Insurance… the American Way!®

Coverage For All Commercial Needs

We developed an array of Mexican commercial insurance products for all business needs. Need to insure your autos or trucks in Mexico? Check out our Mexican commercial auto insurance here.

We also provide useful monoline and specialty insurance lines for corporations that need to cover specific exposures like general liability insurance, property insurance, or pollution insurance.

If that wasn’t enough, please see our comprehensive insurance packages, international wrap-ups, and group benefits.

All these products are underwritten by some of the largest international insurers in the world, so you can be confident in the financial backing of MexiPass policies.

The Experts in Mexican Commercial Insurance

With all the options, we are sure that MexiPass will be able to offer a product that fits the needs of your or your client’s business.

Trust the team with over 25 years of experience in Mexican insurance, trust MexiPass.

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