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MexiPass is an experienced Managing General Agent that offers the best Mexican insurance products on the market. We have over 25 years of experience in the Mexican insurance industry and are unwavering in our mission to provide the best Mexican insurance products for you and your clients who live in or travel to Mexico.

We at MexiPass understand that traditional Mexican insurance policies simply don’t fit the needs of foreigners. As such, we specialize in providing policies that conform to American standards. We create exclusive policies that specifically meet the needs of foreigners in Mexico and provide the best coverage of any insurance products on the market.

Before MexiPass

The Mexican insurance market just isn’t structured to fit the needs of foreigners living or traveling in Mexico. Expatriates and tourists in Mexico are used to American standards and insurance policies that contain the coverage parts you can find in American policies. However, traditional Mexican insurance policies are structured differently and are difficult for those unfamiliar with them to decipher. Moreover, they often don’t provide policy terms in English and contain funny exclusions that limit coverage when it’s needed most.

Obviously, this is a problem for travelers and expatriates in Mexico that don’t want to sacrifice coverage while abroad and are looking for insurance with coverage that they can understand and feel comfortable with. This is where MexiPass comes in. We are Mexican Insurance… the American Way!®

Superior Mexican Insurance Coverage

MexiPass specializes in creating Mexican Insurance products that adhere to American standards. Our Mexican auto, home and watercraft insurance policies all provide coverage parts that are similar to US policies. Moreover, policy terms are available in both English and Spanish so you can easily see exactly what coverage is carried.

If that wasn’t enough, we make purchasing insurance easy through our online portal. We simplify the rating process and make most of our personal Mexican insurance policies available to quote and bind instantly online! Why offer the best Mexican insurance on the market if it isn’t easy to buy and sell too?

Mexican Insurance For Every Need

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We offer Mexican home insurance for foreigners who own a second home, condo or rent in Mexico.

Traveling to Mexico and need to insure your auto? Our Mexican car insurance policies for US or Canadian registered vehicles provide the best coverage on the market and are suitable for long and short trips.

We even offer Mexican watercraft insurance for those sailing in Mexican waters.

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